Elixir Design Meeting Room for One Year In Lockdown Article

One Year Into The Pandemic: What Have We Learned About Work?

One year has passed since we all moved to remote working. How did that change our productivity and workflow? Read more to find out.

by Christelle Vieulles
A grid showing options available within typify app

A Branding Opportunity You’re Likely Missing Out On

You are smarter, funnier, and better looking than the anonymous grey default avatar. Up your branding game across social media with Typify.

by Meagan Riley-Grant
Before and after screen shots of Meagan

Examine Your Zoom

Connecting Well through Webcams and Wireless

by Meagan Riley-Grant
Collage of 7 Elixir members

Part of the Team: Starting a New Job During a Global Pandemic

How to feel connected to your teammates when you’re all spread apart.

by Christelle Vieulles
Black ink sketches on layers of blue translucent paper

Commissioning a Logo Design? 6 Tips for the Process

Recommendations from 25 Years of Making Brand Identities

by Nathan Durrant
Top half of open catalog showing copy, skimboarding, climbing

Design in the Details for Lifestyle Branding

Behind the scenes look at the rebranding effort for prAna. Elixir sweats the small stuff.

by Nathan Durrant
Colorful vacation post cards

Elixir Combats ‘Design Chicken’ Syndrome

Research shows naps and vacations lead to more and better output. Eggs or otherwise.

by Meagan Riley-Grant
Silver pillow with red tag

The Gift of Time: Why We Start Planning Holiday Gifts in July

Preparation and planning are the key to finding a relaxed joy and creativity to gift giving.

by Jennifer Jerde
Group of people in front of polaroid-covered heart sculpture

Hearts in SF Features A Heart Sculpture From One Of Elixir’s Own in Union Square!

Polaroid SF heart created by our own Billy Westley for Hearts of San Francisco fundraiser for San Francisco General Hospital has found a home in Union Square

by Jennifer Jerde
Alyson sitting on blue couch looking off to the side

A Jolly Good AIGA Fellow – Writer Alyson Kuhn

“I’ve been hugely lucky to work with design firms that I think are not only brilliant at design but super respectful of… the reader.” – Alyson Kuhn, AIGA Fellow

by Jennifer Jerde