Summer Search logotype with wing-in-sun logo mark on light yellow background

Summer Search Seeks a New Visual Language

Belief in a new beginning takes flight.

by Elixir

Summer Search is a youth development organization founded in Northern California in 1990. They’ve since taken their holistic model to the national level, replicating the program in six additional metropolitan areas. Summer Search partners with high schools to identify low-income students who display certain character attributes. The students receive year-round support – a unique combination of experiential opportunities and a circle of relationships anchored in professional mentoring.

Summer Search makes an unusually long-term investment in each student, and the results have been phenomenal. The program’s alumni succeed in college and become leaders in their home communities. This non-profit is as well run as any we’ve worked with, and the ripple effect of its impact thrills us.

Almost the entire Elixir team worked together to distill Summer Search’s messaging and create a visual language. We deployed the new identity on an extensive range of materials – in which the faces and voices of Summer Search students shine through.