Looking to reposition itself in the financial marketplace, Opes Advisors came to Elixir for help shaping their brand and perception via new messaging and a visual language. Opes is an innovative financial advisory firm that integrates wealth management and mortgage services to help clients make better financial decisions throughout their lifetimes. Its founders have insight from first-hand experience on how real estate is an essential component of good financial health. Their expertise and life experiences spurred them to build a company of immense integrity and unprecedented approach to financial planning, one that considers the impact of financial decisions now and into the future.

In a marketplace full of hollow promises and marketing mumbo-jumbo, Elixir’s greatest challenge with this project was communicating the truth. With a team of  writers and illustrators, Elixir created a new website and collateral material to tell Opes’ story in both print and online, and further complemented this with a new company Intranet used by more than 400 employees every day. The new site and collateral have helped Opes Advisors to better articulate their unique offer of integrated wealth management, retirement planning and real estate financing services through their mortgage bank. Elixir’s strategy and design included helping the company redefine their brand voice, and a warm look and feel for their new design style.

Check out www.opesadvisors.com. The universe is conspiring to help you.