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Elixir Celebrates 18 Years with Nate Durrant

It is with profound respect and honor that we celebrate Nate Durrant’s 18 years at Elixir this week.

by Meagan Riley-Grant

Shiny and new is lovely for some things but relationships that survive the test of time radiate in their own way. There is a richness that comes from a true depth of knowing; through creative collaborations, surviving good times and difficulties together. It is with profound respect and honor that we celebrate Nate Durrant’s 18 years at Elixir this week. There have been countless projects and design challenges shared and we are thankful for his contributions over the years. He has helped to create the design studio that we have become. Nate’s is a true talent that we are very pleased to get to work with everyday.

“When work stays as fresh as it does at Elixir, time really flies. 18 years has passed in a blink of an eye – chock full of amazing and diverse clients, talented designers and collaborators, and rewarding challenges.”

In the spirit of history we have a few blasts from the past to share…

Abstract cyclist and grapes logo

One of the first projects Nate worked on with Jen was a logo for the Grundig / UCI Mountain Bike World Cup in Napa Valley – on the very evening of the same day he had dropped off his portfolio for the first time! Jen had responded to a few cycling related spot illustrations he had included in his portfolio and had the idea to combine grapes and a biker in that style. A creative collaboration was born on the spot so to say. That was circa 1997 but designing logos has always been among Nate’s favorite type of design challenge.

New Leaf Paper logo with folded leaf paper corner

Nate’s New Leaf Paper logo is still in use today: in 1998, in his first year at Elixir, under Jen’s creative direction, Nate designed this highly awarded logo which is still in use today at New Leaf Paper.

Nate has an amazing eye and passion for detail that always inspires us. He thinks projects and problems through deeply, and is a great mentor and collaborator. We look forward to more good work, climbing stories, and disc golf championships!

Happy Anniversary Nate from all of us at Elixir Design!