Artrise Projects logotype in black and red

ArtRise elevates our cultural horizons

Rising to the occasion with new ways to communicate and connect through art.

by Elixir

Marnie Burke de Guzman is an orchestrator of cultural engagement. She created ArtRise to steward large-scale cultural projects into being, much in the way that a producer makes a movie ‘happen.’ Today’s audiences yearn to experience culture beyond the confines of exhibition space. Marnie is a skilled shepherd of teams, a forger of alliances between cultural institutions, civic organizations, artists – and the audiences themselves.

Designer Jeff Brush worked with Bay Area artist Anandamayi Arnold, who created crepe paper vignettes to illustrate ArtRise’s scope of services.

Silhouettes of people made out of red, blue, and green crepe paper
Crepe paper illustration by artist Anandamayi Arnold
Artrise homepage with red figure silhouette shown on desktop, tablet, and phone
Artrise Projects logotype in black and red
Stationery with black and red Artrise logo