Alyson sitting on blue couch looking off to the side

A Jolly Good AIGA Fellow – Writer Alyson Kuhn

“I’ve been hugely lucky to work with design firms that I think are not only brilliant at design but super respectful of… the reader.” – Alyson Kuhn, AIGA Fellow

by Jennifer Jerde

Sharing her talents with us for over a decade, we have long treasured Alyson Kuhn’s gifts of all sorts. Alyson’s love and respect for words and language make her a master at naming and word play and someone we frequently collaborate with on projects that need language. When we helped rebrand Taylor’s Roadside Refresher, she helped us zero in on Gott’s and created the brand offering in a tag line, “Tray Gourmet.”

Not only is Alyson a wonderful writer, she has a passionate appreciation for design, paper, and printing which makes her a natural fit for us. As she says in this charming AIGA video, “the interplay between writing and design is extraordinary.” The words are one piece and how they are presented affect how a reader experiences them. The type size, font, and paper – they are all part of a visceral experience. We might also add that we were one of the 26 firms Alyson approached long ago to design a “cinderella” stamp for the Ephemera Philatelica project, now residing in the Smithsonian National Postal Museum for the past 6 years. We did the letter “P” for Persian Rug.

When we say we appreciate Alyson’s gifts, we mean the full embodiment of the word – her skill as a writer, as well as her delightfully wrapped and creative packages. Her tokens of appreciation; gifts and cards are stuff of legend and she is always included in the crafting of Elixir’s holiday gifts. (At 1:27 in the AIGA video you may recognize Alyson’s work on our 2014 “Clean Start” gift.)

Alyson was recently awarded a Fellowship for the San Francisco Chapter of AIGA for her significant contribution to the local design community. Well deserved!