Silver pillow with red tag

We wish you a silver lining

Sweet dreams are made of gift giving.

by Elixir

Elixir’s annual holiday gift to clients, colleagues, and friends is always a studio-wide undertaking—from concept to design to packaging to assembly. This year, silver linings seemed just the aspirational thing. Enclosed operating instructions laid things out simply:

Cover pillow with liner.
Cover liner with pillow case.
Rest your head.

Rest your head.

We’ve been delighted by the flurry of appreciation and exclamation points—and by people’s creative descriptions of the linings and the optimism they portend. Wishing you happy holidays and the very best for 2009.

Light peering out from behind clouds in partially dark sky

This photo posted to Flickr by “! just your girl” shed light on the mailing label.

Padded white envelope with 2 blurry people in the background


Scott leaning over behind cardboard boxes

Heads up—Scott concentrates on lining the boxes with tissue, to protect the pair of Silver Linings.

Nate behind stack of gray boxes with red tissue paper

Tissue beaucoup—Nate refines his technique for sliding the slightly slinky linings into their boxes.

Folded silver pillow cases stacked in cardboard box

What is the collective noun for silver linings? A rainbow? An aspiration? A wish?