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Trip the Light Fantastic

Made in the Shade, Gump’s first-ever benefit, was a runway success.

by Elixir
Models in line wearing lampshade headdresses

Made in the Shade, Gump’s first-ever benefit, was a runway success. The fashion show and display of one-of-a-kind lampshades delighted the crowd, who were generous with their applause and their bidding paddles. The illuminati who created the shades turned up their brain-bulbs to create witty, wacky, and wow-able art. The gumparazzi wore all black. His Elegance, emcee Willie Brown, Jr., sported a crisp pocket square. The evening supports a newly endowed scholarship to the California College of the Arts. What a bright idea!

Woman wearing typographic lampshade headdress

The Reading Lamp.

Kit Hinrichs. The artist’s montage combines texts from the Bible to biographies, from newspapers to novels – shedding light on the notion that lamps have illuminated stories for centuries.

Woman wearing white geometric lampshade headdress

Lucid Fracture.

Amy Lau Design. It’s crystal-clear that Amy is fascinated with mineralogy. The shade provides ambient lighting that looks like a crystal lit from within. Very lovely gray matter indeed.

Woman wearing feathered lampshade headdress holding the #18


Ken Fulk Design by Brian Anderson. Deyrolle is the famed Parisian taxidermist. Ken Fulk Design’s aesthetic embraces taxidermy, skins, hides and all things once living. Scene here: Not a fez, but a pheasant.

People mingling below Made in the Shade banner