Drying line kit of printed directions and brown bag containing string, nails, and hooks

Levi’s takes the high line

Airing our clean laundry.

by Elixir

Levi Strauss & Co. recently sponsored the Care to Air Design Challenge, seeking “the world’s most innovative, covetable, and sustainable air-drying solution for clothing.” Levi’s awarded $10,000 in prize money on August 16 at the temporary Levi’s Workshop on Valencia Street in San Francisco’s Mission district.

Elixir collaborated with Levi’s and the Workshop’s letterpress gurus to create packaging for a limited-edition kit of air-drying supplies to be given away at the event. The kit featured the solution designed by Dr. Russ Hornstein, neurophysiologist by day & eco-innovator by night. Hornstein, a.k.a. Einspine, won a Top Community Collaborator award.

To read about the six winning entries visit the Levi’s Workshops blog. If you are inspired to install Dr. Hornstein’s elegantly simple apparatus, click here for instructions.

The Care to Air Design Challenge is a great extension of Levi’s Care Tag campaign, which encourages Levi’s jeans and Dockers owners to wash their wear in cold water, line dry when possible, and then ultimately donate to Goodwill. On the corporate level, Levi’s is working to reduce the environmental impact of their manufacturing and to improve global sustainability in the cotton industry.