Distressed blue-green Command and Control book cover front and back

Command and Control, by Eric Schlosser

Elixir goes a little rough around the edges.

by Jennifer Jerde

Eric Schlosser is masterful at delivering in-depth reportage and investigative analysis on dark, quirky subjects – things that sometimes we’d rather not know, but know we should. When Eric asked us to design the cover for Command and Controlhe shared his creative vision in the same exciting email: “99.9 percent of the books that have been written about nuclear weapons have a big mushroom cloud on the cover, and I have a different idea. I would like the cover to resemble the cover of an Air Force accident report – bureaucratic, official-looking, and yet odd enough to be intriguing…”

Designer Scott Hesselink made the cover look like it’s been officially classified, circulated, and ridden hard, complete with handwritten notations and blacked-out references – and the report’s guts are oozing out.